AWI Industries supplies both ground and polished spherical reflectors as well as molded glass parabolic and elliptical reflectors with aluminum coating or special dichroic coatings. We also supplies highly precise electroformed parabolic and elliptical nickel reflectors with aluminum,enhanced aluminum, rhodium, gold, and dichoric cold mirror coatings.

Reflectors are generally used for redirecting light from a non directional light source, such as a light bulb, to a particular direction. The most common types of Reflectors include Spherical Reflectors, Parabolic Reflectors and Elliptical Reflectors. For Spherical Reflectors, if the light source is placed at the center of the sphere, the light rays will be directed back to the source:

AWI Industries Spherical Reflector

If the light source is placed on the focal surface instead, the reflected light rays will be collimated. The focal surface is defined as a spherical surface with half the radius as the reflector:

AWI Industries spherical reflector

The reflected light rays are also collimated when the light source is at the center of a Parabolic Reflector:

AWI Industries Parabolic reflector

If the light source is placed at the first of the two foci of an Elliptical Reflector, all the reflected light rays will be focused towards the second focus of the ellipsoid:

AWI Industries Elliptical reflector

AWI Industries Glass Reflector

AWI Industries Glass Reflecto

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