Whether enduring a severe weather power outage, or changing a tire on a dark lonely road, or walking a trail at night, you need a light you can always depend on. You need the NightStar Magnetic Force Flashlight! NightStar is the ideal flashlight for emergency and disaster preparedness kits, and is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. For more than 6 years NightStar has proven itself around the world, and now the name NightStar has become synonymous with Reliable Performance. And with no batteries or bulbs to replace and no maintenance required, NightStar will quickly pay for itself. But more to the point, no value can be placed on a flashlight that works anytime, anywhere!

AWI Industries NightStar
U.S. Patents: 5,975,714 Issued November 1999 6,220,719 Issued April 2001.

AWI Industries NightStar
Hi-Tech Clear NightStar UPC# 81034600 - SKU# 003 NSN# 6230-01494-0603.

AWI Industries NightStar
Stealth Black NightStar UPC# 81034600 SKU# 001 NSN# 6230-01494-0286.

AWI Industries NightStar
Marine Yellow NightStar UPC# 81034600 SKU# 002 NSN# 6230-01494-0585.

Stealth Black comes with the standard 4000 mcad White Light LED or 14,000 mcd Green LED ideal for use with night vision equipment or 10,000 mcd Red LED ideal for hunters, photographers and astronomers!

With only one moving part, NightStar transforms motion into light. Simply shaking NightStar for 30 seconds provides more than 20 minutes of excellent illumination. When shaken, a high strength magnet generates electrical energy as it passes through a wire coil. Magnets oriented to repel the charging magnet are mounted at both ends of the flashlight. NightStar’s patented Mag-Lev recoil system smoothly rebounds the charging magnet back through the coil, efficiently transforming motion into electrical energy. The energy generated is stored in a capacitor. Superior to a battery, the capacitor will never corrode, can recharge several hundred thousand times and will power the LED even under extreme hot and cold temperatures. Equally impressive, the LED used in NightStar is practically unbreakable and has a rated lifetime of tens of thousands of hours. The full spectrum light from the LED is projected into a uniform beam by a specially designed lens and reflector.

NightStar also has a unique magnetic switch, which is reliable, watertight and non-sparking. In addition, the luminescent switch housing will glow all night after only minutes of exposure to room or sunlight, allowing NightStar to be easily located and operated in dark environments. NightStar’s state of the art components are contained within a polycarbonate housing, which is waterproof, corrosion proof, and virtually indestructible. NightStar’s simple, optimized design ensures that even after years of abuse and neglect, light is there when you need it most! When ordinary flashlights fade away, NightStar will guide the way!

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