"I-Voice" Digital Voice Recorder is an indispensable tool for businessmen, reporters and students. It is capable of storing 297 messages in three separate folders and fast upload/download to/from a computer via USB or PC-Link.

AWI Industries Digtial Voice Recorder

KEY FEATURES: (*) Models with USB port only

-Recording system: Build-in Flash Memory that records will not be lost even when power off.
-Fast Upload/Download via USB or PC-Link.
-Serves as an external USB Flash Drive (USB version only)'
-Voice Organizer in 3 folders up to 297 messages: Three separate folders each with 99 messages; messages can be transferred from folder to folder at ease.
-Voice Operated Recording: Recording will be stopped when background is silent for 10 seconds. This function greatly extends the recording time.
-Voice Memo Intro-Scan: Convenient & quick voice input and retrieve, intro-scan for easy search of recorded messages.
-Alarm to scheduled message.
-MP3 file conversion (except model DR-382U).
-Voice Recording Mode Selectable: "True Voice", "High Fidelity" and "Extended Time," fitting to any specific application.

Model No./ Record Mode True Voice High Fidelity Extended Time Port Type
DR-382 U 35 min 160 min 200 min USB
DR-384 U 90 min 334 min 440 min USB
DR-388 U 180 min 668 min 880 min USB
DR-284 P 90 min 334 min 440 min PC-Link
DR-288 P 180 min 668 min 880 min PC-Link


Recording Medium Built-in Flash Memory
Frequency Range 300 Hz - 5 KHz
Number of Messages 3 Folders of up to 99 messages per folder,total 297 messages
Clock Display 24 hours display
Date/Time Stamp month/day of the time recording starts
Fast Playback 8 times the speed of normal playback
Speaker 23 mm round speaker
Power Source Two AAA batteries
Size 30x123x18 mm or 1.2"x4.8"x0.7"
Weight 50 gm or 1.8 oz (including batteries)
Included Accessories USB cable or PC-Link cable
Line In/Out cable
CD ROM driver
User's Manual
Two AAA batteries

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